About Us

MBTek has opened up the field of mobile communications, reliable data distribution channels and cutting-edge technologies devices and solutions for all business sectors. As specialists in mobile, emerging IT, telecommunication and electronic marketing, security, outsourcing and consulting industries, we offer our customers innovative and reliable products and solutions. We have been providing services and tools to utilize all the current and future available bleeding-edge technologies to enlighten your needs.
MBTek was founded in 2005, headquartered in Germany with envision of being every corner of the world where we are in need as a technical services and solutions company.

Management Team
Mr. Young Cho, MSSE, MSTSM
President and CEO
Mr. Cho has held leading positions in a variety of real/just-in-time Audiovisual and Data warehouse, computer, telecoms, networking, and mobile-based companies throughout Europe, Korea, and USA during his career. Therefore, his blend of expertise in the IT & mobile industry, technology evolution, and senior management experiences have given MBTek the strategic direction that will propel it as a truly next-generation IT & Mobile.
Mr. Cho holds Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Telecommunications and Systems Management, and Master of Science in Software Engineering degrees.

Mr. MohannadDarwish
General Manager and CTO, Middle East
Mr. Darwish brings a range of technical experties including software, platform architecture, and network design within IT and mobile industries that he has developed throughout senior level positions in the Middle East. He's range of expertise in IT & mobile industry and senior management experiences have given foundation of MBTek and will lead foremost advanced technical future.