Turning The Internet to leverage your business.


Turning The Internet to leverage your business

The market has witnessed a lot of changes in recent years as a  result of change in awareness and customer behavior. The traditional means of advertisement may not do any good in proportion to its cost and do not deliver your message in the way they like. Internet and mobile has become some of the basics of human life. They spend a long time on it to know what is new and enjoy the era of knowledge that gave us what we have never dreamed of before.
A lot of people stopped and did not understand the change that happens so they ignored it and did not cope with it. Or they took expensive solutions did not achieve for them what they needed then got frustrated. Or they found adapting with change may cost them too much so they refrained from sharing in the competition in the race of evolution.
Here comes the role of MBTek. We studied the market and customer behavior deeply with our long experience in technology and marketing, we invented the ideal solution that achieves for you all advantages of communication with your clients using all channels of new advertisement and economic cost which you may not feel of compared to its effect.

Channels of Advertisement

Is there any of your clients do not have a mobile?

Bulk SMS reaches your clients on their mobiles with the name of your company and delivers your message to them
SMS has many advantages:
•It delivers information without annoying
•The client receives it even if his mobile is switched off or unavailable just when he switch the mobile on
•The client can keep it and he can forward it to his acquaintances and friends.

Do you wish to contact thousands monthly?

emails reaches your clients inbox speaks about your business and proposals and attracts them to deal with you
Our emails have many advantages:
•We provide professional designs renewed constantly
•The emails reach the Inbox directly and not recognized as spam
•The client can keep it and he can forward it to his acquaintances and friends

Social Media Networks
Do you know many people do not have a Facebook account or do not watch videos on YouTube?

You have to market for your clients where they are. They are already on Social Media Networks, so our marketing on Social Media Networks have many advantages:
•Reaching interested clients according to their place, age, sex, interests, marital status
•Building full pages present your business and communicate with audience about your activities and how they will benefit when dealing with you. We will use photos, comments, and videos to express your business and what you provide.
•Daily activities make you close to your clients communicating with them every new you provide
•According to researches of sales scientists in recent years. A customer thinks at least 7 times before he buys a product or service.
We can provide to you that in the form of text and photos and videos, so that the client can find the answers of all his inquiries in front of him before he buys.

Web Blog 
Have you dreamt of having a website on the internet of your own?

A blog is up to the level of website, connects between your business and your clients and you can upload photos and videos.
For our Web Blogs many Advantages:
You can demonstrate every information about your business, and is considered as a stop for meeting all your visitors and clients constantly and continuously
You can add information and modify it whenever you want to comply with change in everything
You can receive comments from your visitors and clients to communicate with them and get feedback.

Premium MBTek Directory
Do you like to reserve a premium place in the strongest electronic directory?

For every subscriber in our EAd service the right to show in our premium directory:
For our directory many advantages:
A premium directory evolving constantly that combines all business fields
A user can search easily for the company that he wants to deal with
We provide full information supplied with photos  and location map for every company.

All these services we provide for you for
These packages were chosen accurately to advertise your business in the strongest advertisement channels currently, so that we guarantee for you  a premium position in the mind of your clients.


What is the difference between electronic Advertisement and electronic marketing?
The electronic Advertisement uses the most famous advertising channels currently to advertise your business and deliver your message to your clients. Electronic Marketing attracts clients to you and raise your sales greater with condensed activities and more cost.
Will the electronic Advertisement raise my sales volume?
According to our studies, electronic Advertisement will raise your sales volume with
10% annually
What are the materials required from me to build the campaign?
All about your business of photos, proposals, and information. The more rich
information the campaign has the more successful the campaign gets
What is the video that you design?
We design video according to photos you send and messages you want to tell to your
clients about your business
What are the payment methods?
Paying in the company’s account :
Account Name : MBTek  Solutions
Bank Name: Emirates Islamic Bank
IBAN: AE250340000015583924001
Account Number: 0015-583924-001
Send the payment information at the mail (account@mbtek.ae) and when confirming the
payment the campaign starts and the accounting starts from the moment of launching the
Can I manage my activity on social media networks by myself?
Yes, because we build the pages and give you full information of it and you can manage
the campaigns yourself
What is the method of advertising on Facebook?
There is many methods  of advertising but we choose Cost per Click Method. So that
Facebook advertising management accounts us for every click according to price we set
regarding to advertisement circumstances. So we guarantee that we pay for interested
clients only
How the advertisement on Facebook works?
You can choose the market segment  you wish to advertise to, according to place, age,
interests, and marital status. They see the advertisement for a whole month
How can I follow the advertisement?
We send you monthly report about the campaign and what have been done. And we send
you detailed report about the paid advertisement including the number of people saw
the advertisement and the number of people clicked on it

Of course we have a lot of examples, but we want to tell you that every field has a different desig concept :
Dream Consultant Facebook Page:
First Care Clinic Blog:
Alkhaleejia Furniture Video:
How Can use SMS?
We will give you the interface to send your messages with the manual of how to use it.
You can send to the numbers you want.

Advertisement Plans

Silver Plan
2000 SMS + Sender ID with the name of your company
180’000 emails + 3 designs
Building full page on Facebook
22 activities on Facebook monthly
Paid Ads on Facebook

Golden Plan
4000 SMS + Sender ID with the name of your company
300’000 emails + 5 designs
Building full page on Facebook and Twitter
44 activities on Facebook and Twitter monthly
Paid Ads on Facebook
Building a channel on YouTube + designing 3 Videos
 Or Web Blog

Platinum Plan

8000 SMS + Sender ID with the name of your company
600’000 emails + 10 designs
Building full page on Facebook and Twitter
88 activities on Facebook  and Twitter monthly
Paid Ads on Facebook
Building a channel on YouTube + designing 3 Videos
Web Blog

Add Ons
Subscribers can add any of these add ons